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As-salamu Alaykum, This greeting of As-salamu Alaykum to the brothers and sisters of the biker world is a prayer, it means may the peace of God be with you. There is no better peace than that. The next question mostly asked is what does UMMA, mean. The acronym of UMMA is used from the title of UNITED MUSLIM MOTORCYCLIST ASSOCIATION, yes. The word UMMA has several meanings, it means Life, Community, Comradery, World, Brotherhood, Family, Knowledge, Birth, Growth, Wisdom, etc.

Our mission is using Motorcycles

as a tool for unity.

One question that has been asked a lot, when UMMA was first forming was, What are you guys going to be riding, Camels?. Very funny, very funny. UMMA,s mother chapter was formed in Los Angeles, Ca. with members in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Oakland Ca. and communicating with brothers as far as Atlanta and New York, yes sisters there is a sisters auxiliary, with a sisters voice. and the sisters can be a full motorcycle riding member of UMMA.

How can there be a community without the woman? No one takes credit for starting UMMA. UMMA belongs to Allah. Sure some members were inspired before others to design and wear colors, but we were all inspired by the same creator, Allah. Just like no one can claim founder of Islam. Islam is for the pleasure of Allah, and UMMA is for the pleasure of Allah. We have members that have rode with other clubs such as the Sons of light out of Pasadena/Altadena Ca, the Ruff Riders, New Orleans, Louisiana. Black Sabbath motorcycle club, San Diego, Ca. and the Rising Suns, Monrovia, Ca. So we enjoy and respect all clubs and colors, because there are Muslims in almost every club that we visit or run into.

We ride just like everybody else. WE don’t drink alcohol, eat pork, chase women like we used too, no drugs, no gambling, and we pray 5 times a day. So if you see a biker on his hands and knees praying, don’t trip out. Islam teaches us to respect our family ties, and for those that ride motorcycles, we are family.






UMMA received our 1st patch in Sept-2001. The 8 pointed design of Islamic art and structure is used as our outlined boarder. The Kabba is used as a reminder of the direction we face when praying, and Hajj, the pilgrimage every Muslim is to make at least once in their life time. Also two lines printed in Quranic Arabic which means, In the name of Allah the beneficent and merciful, Guide us on the straight path. [which is also another prayer]. The colors of the patch, Green, is a special color in Islam. With the help of a Muslim brother, Hasan the Taylor, may Allah be pleased with him. Brother Hasan was murdered in a robbery homicide. UMMA will always be grateful for his help and skill in putting our patch together. The bars were added as a way to explain and identify what we represent and who we are. We believe in one Creator, Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is the last messenger, no other forms of Islam is allowed in UMMA.

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