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Youth Basketball League

Go Fund Me Itemized Items

Thank You for your Support in the United Muslim Motorcyclist Association, National Youth
Basketball League. This is why are asking for your Financial Support, Below is an itemized
summary:                             Thank You. INSHA ALLAH!!.


1 = Uniforms/Jerseys for 60 players, and Basketballs.

2.= Gymnasium Rental, Kitchen Facility Areas, Scoreboards, Referees, etc. Your Donations will
cover the local leagues in 2022 and the National weekend league in Dallas, Texas in 2023.

3. = Travel Expenses for the traveling teams, Via = Cars, Airplanes, and Hotel expenses for up
to 30 players while in Dallas Texas, The traveling team's age range is from 17 years of age up to
21 years of age, [parents and family members are encouraged to attend the Dallas Texas
weekend basketball league, at there own expense, Thank You.

4 = Food and Drinks during the Dallas Texas Weekend National League, The donations for the
food and drinks during the Leagues will go to support a Charity or Islamic School or Masjid in
your Local and Dallas Texas area.

5 = We will need a Medical Staff at all Basketball Games in case of need. Thank You.
THIS IS WHY WE'RE ASKING FOR UP TO $25,000.00 The United Muslim Motorcyclist
Association will not receive any of the donations or proceeds during this entire effort, This is
solely for the Unity of our National Muslim Communities, and the Pleasure of ALLAH.

Jazakallah Khair. As Salam Alaykum.


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